Magazine: Looking Back

When the printing machine was not yet invented, it is not easy to make an information known. A book should be copied by hand if one likes to have his own copy. Now when the machine was already developed and printing is very easy. Books could be printed in as many copies as it could be. Anything could be printed also and if anyone has their own printer, they can print anything from documents to images. Looking back into the past is a very far situation from today.

With the development of the printing press, publications could now be developed and it is not just books or studies that are being published. The birth of the magazine was also made and the first magazine to be printed is the Gentleman’s Magazine which is credited to¬†Edward Cave. He was successful in making the publication widely known and accessible. He put many things into it like poems, or stories or musings with political topic. He is the one who made the term magazine.

From then on, improvements were put into it like the sketches that increased the sales of publications. It was then made into the illustration magazine. It Was also that form that gives birth to the news publication with illustrations on them. It increased in popularity in America and now we know that their are already different kinds of magazine.Many have been published and others already stopped their publications when the effect of internet was felt.